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Back Yard Puppy Pics

Posted by -Durk- on September 25, 2008

Pictures taken in the back yard

Pictures taken in the back yard


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The Wiener Dog Ball Machine

Posted by -Durk- on September 18, 2008

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Mamma and Her Newborns

Posted by -Durk- on September 16, 2008


We’ve sought help and guidance from Izzy’s original owners-the family who bred Izzy and Dash.  They’ve offered not only their wisdom and encouragement but also let us borrow their gate, heat light and ideas!  We have 3 male and 3 female pups.  So that we can better tell them all apart we have taken ribbons and loosely tied them around their bodies.  Green, red & blue for the boys and pink, yellow & lavender for the ladies!

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Day 2: Nursing and Sleeping

Posted by -Durk- on September 16, 2008


We moved Izzy from the whelping box to a playpen-type of kennel.  We were able to borrow a fence from the people who bred Izzy and Dash.  They also lent us a warming light.  SUPER COOL!  THANKS GUYS!

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Izzy has been VERY protective, but has only ever growled at Dash.  She gets concerned when others hold her puppies, but she is getting used to it and we have only been handling them for short periods and giving them back to mom.

We have offered Izzy chicken broth which she has devoured!  She is still feeling pretty beat, but is doing great!

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Izzy’s First Litter! Six 1-Day Old Adorable Puppies!

Posted by -Durk- on September 16, 2008

On September 5th 2008 Izzy gave birth to 6 healthy Puppies, 3 male and
3 female!  YEA!  Everything went perfect and all are doing great.

[rockyou id=122767178&w=426&h=319]

Izzy went into labor during the night.  She was whimpering and being quite audible.  Even though my wife had already planned to take the day off she conned me into staying home instead.  I am glad that she did.  I got to see the miracle of birth up close and personal.  Here are some birth pics (BE WARNED, KINDA GRAPHIC).

We kenneled up Izzy at about 6:40 am.  Minnie left with the boys at about 6:50.  My neighbor brought over a whelping box just before 7:00.  I put the box down, walked to the fridge and heard Izzy licking.  So I peeked in and there were already 3 pups!  She hadn’t cried, she hadn’t wimpered, nothing!  Just the sweet sounds of licking!

The next 3 came until about an hour or so later.  That is when I got to see a couple of them being born!  Very cool!

Izzy did WONDERFUL!  Instincts kicked in and she knew exactly what to do.  There was NO mess, all of the puppies were well-cleaned and started to nurse right away!

Just to make sure everything was OK we took Izzy to the vet in the early afternoon.  Everyone checked out OK.  They x-rayed Izzy to make sure there were no more pups inside and there were not.  They gave her a shot to make sure that everything else came out OK.

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Izzy’s Sleep Over

Posted by -Durk- on September 11, 2008

On July 10th, 2008 Izzy had her first sleepover.  Toby is a miniature,
black and tan, long-haired, pure-blooded wiener dog.  And for a a mere
$100 (paid by us) he got to spend the night with the lovely Izzy.

Although Izzy is a bigger miniature Toby is not.  He had a little
trouble “dancing” with Izzy at first.  But eventually rose to the

During the next few weeks we were not sure if Izzy was pregnant.  In
fact we were telling ourselves and others that we would have to try
again.  But then just a few days later we noticed that Izzy was

A dog’s gestational period is about 9 weeks.  Izzy has about 4 more weeks to go!  Her Due date is September 10th.

Prego Izzy

Prego Izzy

Prego Izzy Up Close

Prego Izzy Up Close

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From My Owner

Posted by -Durk- on September 19, 2007

I am signing all these comments with my first wordpress blog.  But MY blog, my REAL blog is here:


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Welcome to the Wiener Dog Blog!

Posted by -Durk- on August 2, 2007

Welcome to The Wiener Dog Blog at This is our first post. This blog is dedicated first and foremost to Dawson Dasher Williamson (Dash) and Izabel Williamson (Izzy). Dash is a male, miniature, long-haired, red-dapple Dachshund. Izzy is Dash’s sister in a later breed, she is a female, miniature short-haired (non-wire), red-dapple Dachshund. The plan is to breed Mrs. Izzy. This blog will journal their journeys, present their pics, log our learnings, and reference their wrong-doings. Dash & Izzy’s owners are Derin, Minnie, Kaleb, Keegan, Calvin and Corbin.

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